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Terms and condition for Singleslovers


The following Terms and Conditions are the exclusive property of Singles lovers and, as a consequence, their dissemination, representation or reproduction, either in whole or in part, without prior authorization from Singleslovers, is strictly prohibited. In the absence of said authorization and any type of representation or reproduction is taking place, whether total or partial, through any type of medium, the offending party will be exposed to the corresponding criminal actions provided by law.

This website, Singleslovers.com, is owned and operated by CCTDirect Inc, a privately held Canadian company, with registration number 896469, located at 17905 Rue DU Grand-Prix Apartment 304, Mirabel, Québec, Canada J7J 0R7

Singleslovers is a platform available in various countries on various continents and in various languages ​​and can be used by individuals for leisure purposes, which are detailed below.  Some features available in Singleslovers are free, others through memberships, subscriptions, credits and others through one-time payments without a subscription.

By registering as a User in Singleslovers, you agree to respect the following Terms and Conditions. Your registration in any of the services offered by Singleslovers implies your full acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.  Singleslovers invites you to read them carefully and asks you to take them into account and respect them, in order to offer all registered Users a pleasant environment, governed by mutual respect and the enjoyment of relationships between contacts.  Singleslovers offers you all the necessary support in case of any doubt.

From now on, in the following Terms and Conditions, you will be referred to as "the User" and the term will be used in a gender-neutral matter.

By marking the point: "I declare that I am of legal age and that I have read and accepted the Terms and Conditions of Singleslovers", a mandatory point before being able to validate the registration, the User affirms to be of legal age and acknowledges having read, understood and generally be fully informed and in accordance with these Terms and Conditions.

The User will have access to said conditions at all times and is fully entitled to revalidate his decision. In that case, and by not agreeing with the Terms and Conditions of the Service, the User is obliged to immediately request the deletion of their profile on this platform, proceeding as indicated in point 5 of these Terms and Conditions.

Contract between the User and SinglesLovers

These Terms and Conditions constitute a contract that regulates the relations between Singleslovers and the Registered User. For any relationship between the User and Singleslovers, only these Conditions are valid, any other previous provision is automatically annulled or its effect canceled. These Terms of Use represent the totality of the rights and obligations of Singleslovers and the User respectively with respect to the Use of the Singleslovers Web platform.

Singleslovers reiterates that any disagreement on the part of the User means that they must leave the Singleslovers website and request the cancellation of their User account following the procedures as described in point 5. If the User continues to use the page even if they disagree with the Rules expressed by Singleslovers through these Terms and Conditions, means in legal terms that the User accepts said Terms and Conditions and agrees with them.

1. Conditions of access and registration to services

The necessary equipment to access the Services of the Singleslovers platform are solely and entirely at the User's expense, as well as the expenses incurred by the means of communication chosen for said User.

To be a Singleslovers User, you must be at least 18 years old.  In case of non-compliance, the platform is not responsible for any damage or injury caused.

The User guarantees that the data provided by him are true and consistent with reality.  The User provides such information voluntarily and freely and under his entire responsibility.  The User agrees to immediately modify the data of his profile from his User Menu in the event of any changes in the data provided and/or to inform the Support Service immediately so that the pertinent changes are made.

The User will have a User identifier (Nickname or Username) and a password chosen by the User himself.  Said data is strictly confidential and the User will be solely responsible for the use of the previously mentioned identifiers.  The User agrees NOT to communicate or share them with third parties.  In the event of misuse of a User's personal account for reasons unrelated to Singleslovers' security measures or for reasons of user negligence, Singleslovers refuses any type of responsibility.

The User will also be solely responsible for actions or statements made through their User account, of whatever type they may be.  The User, consequently, exempts Singleslovers from all responsibility in a matter of claims in this regard.

The User is informed that: Singleslovers does not have the obligation to control or guarantee the identity of the individuals who enroll in its services, in addition to not having the means to do so and not being part of the page's policy.  If a third party uses the identity of any of the registered Users, Singleslovers will not be responsible in any and all cases.  If a User suspects that a third person uses their own identifiers or their account, they are obliged to inform the Singleslovers Support Service team immediately.

To guarantee the security and quality of the online service, Singleslovers reserves the right to deactivate the accounts of Users who have not used Singleslovers subscription and/or full membership services for a period of inactivity equivalent to 4 months or more.  Likewise, it is possible to proceed with the said deactivation, with the accounts of users who have not made a login for more than 3 months and do not have an active subscription.  As a consequence of said deactivation, the messages exchanged with other users within the platform will be deleted.

1.1. Use of Services offered by Singleslovers

Registered Users may access the free services offered by Singleslovers as long as they are governed by the rules of use set out in Point 4 of these Terms and Conditions.  In case of non-compliance, Singleslovers reserves the right to delete the profile of the offending User.  

Users will be able to access the established payment rates at any time from their profile and once a rate has been acquired, its price will not be modified while the subscription is in force. The enrollment date does not guarantee that your current rate will be the one in effect as it were on the enrollment date. The amount of the fees will always be related to the ones in force at the time of acquiring a subscription.

2. Purpose of Singleslovers

The purpose of Singleslovers is to offer a virtual leisure environment so that registered Users can contact other Users for merely private and NOT commercial purposes.  As a consequence of this, Singleslovers is responsible for offering registered Users an internet platform to contact, via electronic means and remotely, with other registered Users of their choice.

The purpose of Singleslovers is not to advise or mediate in any type of relationship, whether conjugal or informal.

To facilitate the use of the platform, registered Users will have constant access to the contact form, in order to send queries to the Support Service, which will be answered in a maximum of 30 business hours.

Singleslovers services do not include organizing personal meetings or guaranteeing User access to any telecommunications network or the Internet.  The specific services provided by Singleslovers and their characteristics will be detailed later in point 6. Singleslovers recommends that you read carefully the characteristics of the types of memberships, in order to avoid misunderstandings. In case of doubts, the Support Service team will be at your disposal to clarify them.

To provide a favorable environment for the purposes specified above, the Singleslovers platform will/may offer registered Users additional adult content services. The User who feels offended or annoyed must leave the page immediately and make use of his right to delete his profile.

3. Responsibilities and Obligations of Singleslovers

Singleslovers is responsible for offering a virtual leisure environment so that registered Users can contact each other. As a consequence of this, Singleslovers is responsible for guaranteeing, as far as possible, the operation of the aforementioned internet platform. Such operation may be interrupted in isolated cases, for reasons beyond Singleslovers. In these cases, in addition to those specified below, Singleslovers is not responsible for the non-functioning of the platform.

Singleslovers does not guarantee successful mediation to registered Users. The Singleslovers platform will not advise or mediate in any type of relationship, whether marital, formal, or informal.

Singleslovers is not responsible for the activities done between the users.

Singleslovers could have third parties promoting our services so therefore we are not responsible for the communication between users.

Singleslovers has no legal obligation or technical means to identify Users when connecting to the Singleslovers electronic internet platform.

Singleslovers has no obligation to monitor content published by Users or written in private messages within the platform. As a consequence of this inability, Singleslovers does not undertake at any time to: identify Users, mediate between said Users or between the content published or sent by internal system messaging by any of them, nor to provide any data that serves to identify a registered User.

Singleslovers rejects any responsibility for false statements made by any registered User. We recommend respecting the Rules of Conduct at all times, as described below in Point 4

4. General Rules of Conduct - Responsibilities and Obligations of the User

By using the Singleslovers platform, the registered User agrees to respect the rules of conduct regulated as follows in these Terms and Conditions.

4.1. General Standards of Conduct

  1. The User will act in good faith with respect to Singleslovers and the other registered Users.

  2. The User will respect the intellectual property rights over the content published by Singleslovers.

  3. The User assumes that if he discloses personal information, it is because he does not consider it harmful in case of misuse by other Users.

  4. The User will try to resolve claims of any kind first and exclusively through the Support Service.

4.2. Responsibilities and Obligations of the User

By using the Singleslovers platform, the User automatically agrees to comply with the following obligations:

  1. Use the Services only for the purpose established by Singleslovers in these Terms and Conditions.

  2. The User agrees to completely avoid any and all actions or statements with offensive, homophobic, and/or xenophobic connotations, political and/or inciting violence, and in any way contrary to the objectives of Singleslovers, its rules of conduct, or Terms and Conditions.

  3. Do not send to other registered Users, by any means; neither links to other websites nor internet-related links of any kind.  This will not be tolerated by Singleslovers and can cause the cessation of the User’s membership.

  4. Do not use Singleslovers for professional or commercial purposes or without an explicitly personal private purpose.

  5. Do not publish or disseminate information or content, regardless of its form, that does not conform to reality.

  6. Do not disseminate, in any way, contents of a defamatory nature or that violates the rights of a third party.

  7. In general, the photos or other types of information, data or files that a User sends to Singleslovers, must have merely private content and refer exclusively to him or, in the case of referring to a third party, the User must have an express authorization, of the exclusive rights and responsibility of the person(s) involved.

  8. Do not disclose or disseminate by any means information or content that is intended to misrepresent, sabotage or impede the normal use of the Services offered by Singleslovers, as well as to interfere, interrupt and/or slow down communications between Users. Singleslovers reserves the right to limit the messages sent in a repetitive manner by a User, in order to maintain the quality of normal use of the service for other Users.

  9.  Use your password and/or your Username solely for the purpose of identifying yourself to use the Services. The User must not communicate, disseminate, share or make public, by any means, his password and/or his Username to third parties.

  10. Singleslovers rejects any responsibility for any loss or damage resulting from encounters between Users and/or non-Users generated by the use of the Singleslovers electronic and virtual platform. Singleslovers also rejects any responsibility for any damage or harm caused between Users through messages and/or public announcements.

As a general rule, Singleslovers recommend taking precautions when contacting other registered Users and consequently it is forbidden for registered Users to disclose information that allows the individual to be identified, this implies data such as surname, postal or electronic address, telephone number, credit card information or other vital information.

Failure to comply with these Obligations mentioned above may constitute a serious infringement by the User and Singleslovers reserves the right to cancel the service contract and delete the account of the offending User.

4.3. User information obligations

Registered Users will have access to other services without a subscription nature and subject to merely one-time payments. Such services may be provided through Singleslovers but are managed by other providers. In that case, the User will be clearly notified before accessing the said services. The User is informed that the valid Terms and Conditions for the use of said services are those of the corresponding providers. The User has the obligation to carefully read these Terms and Conditions and in case of doubt, contact the corresponding Support Service of the said service provider.

The payment conditions will be equally valid under the corresponding regulations of the suppliers themselves. The User will always be duly and previously informed of who the corresponding provider is and must accept said contract before accessing any service. The User is free to contact said providers when he deems it convenient.  Although Singleslovers will always try to inform in detail about the corresponding providers for possible contact, Singleslovers will not respond to possible claims or queries regarding the services of said providers. Said inquiries or claims should be directed directly to the provider in question.

5. Deletion of User Account

Any User can request, at any time, the deletion of their User account at Singleslovers. To do this, you must fill in the contact form in our Support Service, formulating the request in question. This request will be answered in a maximum of 3 business days.

The User must be aware that at all times, their User data will be deleted, but the relevant data of their payment will not be deleted by the payment providers, to guarantee a correct claim in the case of returns or information claims by the authorities regarding any amount collected. The User is informed that actions for refunds of amounts paid will be pursued with all the force of law available in each corresponding country.

In cases of serious infringements of these Terms and Conditions, Singleslovers reserves the right to eliminate a User account or cancel any subscription in force even if it has been correctly paid if the User, previously notified, does not react to the requirements of Singleslovers to suspend the account for the said infringement(s) in question.

6. SinglesLovers Types of Subscriptions

The User can access the different levels of the private area through monthly, quarterly, and annual memberships, which, with the exception of the annual membership, will be renewed for the same period respectively if the user does not cancel the renewal within the stipulated terms.

The User may choose between five types of subscriptions:

  • Free Subscription:

This membership is granted automatically to the user at the time of registration, it does not expire.  It grants access to navigate the site, but no access to the many features of the said website.

  • Diamond Subscription:

The User will have all the advantages of the free subscription and additionally will have access to the advanced functions for 1 month. The User may make use of the internal messaging system to send individual messages, “chat” messages. The User will have access to see all the online profiles, access to games, and access to the complete profiles of the Users which they are interested in, among other functions. This membership has a monthly recurring charge.

  • Sapphire Subscription:

The User has all the benefits of the Diamond Subscription membership for a period of 3 months. This membership has a recurring charge every 90 days.

  • Emerald Subscription:

The User has all the benefits of the Diamond Subscription for a period of 6 months. This membership has a recurring charge every 180 days.

  • Ruby Subscription:

The user has all the benefits of the Diamond Subscription for a period of 12 months. This membership has a recurring charge every 12months.

The User can upgrade his/her current Diamond Subscription to a Sapphire, Emerald or Ruby subscription at any time. The amount corresponding to the upgrade will be charged at the time of the upgrade and will take effect immediately and until the end of the period active, at the moment of the said upgrade. When the membership is renewed for the next period, it will be renewed to the last status requested. If the User is subscribed to Diamond membership at the time of renewal, it will be renewed to the new subscription (following an upgrade, if no upgrade was made, the renewal stays with the same renewal periods).  If the User is in a Trial status (see details below) they can change it at any time directly to a Sapphire, Emerald or Ruby subscription.

Singleslovers reserves the right to change membership prices when deemed necessary and without prior notice.  Singleslovers will always inform Users of such changes, which will never affect current membership’s prices.

Membership Cancellation

1.    A user cancel their membership at any given time throughout support or directly with the payment processor.

Additional Services Through One-time Payments

In addition to the services resulting from the purpose of Singleslovers, the platform will make available to the User different additional services not subject to the subscription policy. This means that these charges will be made only once, to provide the desired service/product, usually offered by a third party, therefore the User will be bided by the Terms and Conditions of the said service provider.

It may be the case that some users receive some type of bonus or compensation for reselling our memberships or products to other users.

It is also possible that these services are offered through other providers and in accordance with other Terms and Conditions, different from those stipulated by Singleslovers.  Said new Terms and Conditions will be presented to the User and must be accepted by the User prior to contracting.  For greater convenience, the User may contact the Singleslovers Support Service in case of any query, which will be in charge of processing the query with the corresponding provider and transmitting the response to the user.  The User can also contact directly the Service Support of the corresponding provider as well.

7. Payment Methods and Membership Renewals

Given the fact that Singleslovers can change prices at any time, the usual and current rates are constantly available on the Singleslovers website. The prices shown will always include taxes for each country in question.

Registered Users may purchase memberships by bank cards, credit cards, cash and bank transfer, or by any other payment method that Singleslovers is offering at the specified time of payment. The price of the services in question may vary depending on the payment method used.

Payment providers will never charge additional commissions to the price shown on the web.  If a User registers charges of unusual amounts, he should first consult with his bank.  In these cases, the User's bank is responsible for these commissions and NEVER Singleslovers or the respective Payment Provider or Service Provider. Singleslovers asks the User to clarify these issues urgently with their bank.

Singleslovers will NEVER charge penalties or commissions. The amounts to be charged will be perfectly and clearly displayed in the price lists.

Singleslovers reserves the right to add and/or modify the payment methods it deems necessary as long as it does not harm a valid membership.

Bank Card or Debit Card Payment Method

When the User acquires a membership to access the platform's Payment Services, they can choose to pay by bank card or debit cards; they normally instantly obtain access to the Singleslovers services purchased at that time. In some cases, debit cards will be accepted. In random cases and referring to the Anti-Fraud system, the system may ask you to confirm your transaction with a security code usually provided to the cardholder by their corresponding bank.  In the case of these payment methods, the speed of activation/process of these payment services is not guaranteed, as Singleslovers is not able to guarantee the reception of payments made by transfer or deposit, nor the speed with which entities process said payments.  In the case of a delayed payment, access to the purchased services might/will be delayed as well, until said payment has been received by Singleslovers.

Credit Card Payment method

When a user acquires a membership to access the platform's Payment Services, they can choose to pay by credit card. In any case, after a successful transaction, the User will have immediate and instant access to the Singleslovers Services that they have acquired through their payment of a membership.

Membership Renewals

The User who acquires a membership by credit card or any other form of payment  will be subject to a periodic subscription renewal method.  The User can cancel said subscription at any time from his User panel within the page, as long as they follow the directives, as mentioned above in “Membership cancellation deadlines”.  If the term has expired, the cancellation will also be taken into account, but for the next period. This means that it will be renewed only once more and for the ensuing period the membership will be active but will not be renewed again.  If the User does not cancel their membership, said membership will be renewed only for period’s equivalent to that chosen by the User.

In the case of a membership upgrade from Diamond to Ruby, the membership will continue to be extended to the Ruby subscription.

All the details regarding the membership subscription, their expiration, and the remaining credits (if any) will always be available in your User panel in the menu item: “Subscribe”. From there you can manage your memberships. In case of doubt, we ask that you always contact the Support Service directly.

Each User is responsible for managing their own memberships and for canceling their subscription on time, in case they do not want to continue subscribing for another period.

The Support Service is not responsible for canceling current memberships on time or for monitoring the cancellation periods of each User.  If a User asks the Support Service to cancel any membership and the Support Service, within the stipulated time to answer all inquiries, does not cancel before the expiration of the next renewal period, the User is solely responsible.

Both the prices and the cancellation periods are subject to possible changes. Such changes will never affect a current membership.

Conditions For the Upgrade of a Diamond subscription to Ruby subscription

When a user has a diamond membership they can upgrade their subscription to the ruby membership.  If the User had paid by credit card, they can simply upgrade the membership from their User panel by clicking on "Increase membership".  If the User had paid by transfer, bank card or phone, he can upgrade his membership by sending the remaining amount to the same account number, to which he made the current payment.  It is important that you make it to the same account number to which you made the first payment, since if the payment provider has changed, it could take a little longer to process your activation of platinum membership.

The membership upgrade by transfer, bank card or credit card does NOT need to be canceled because it is only valid for the paid period and will NOT be renewed.

8. Payment Service Providers

Depending on the service and the country from where the payment is made, Singleslovers will ask you to make payments through different payment providers. In some cases, this enables Singleslovers to offer a higher quality of payment services, as these companies provide a broader spectrum of services than Singleslovers could offer. This means for the User greater neutrality in the handling of their data. The security and confidentiality of data transactions will be guaranteed by the company in question and the name of said company will appear on your bank account or card statement.

When making payments, the User must acknowledge and accept the Terms and Conditions of the corresponding company.  The User benefits from absolute discretion in these cases, as said companies do not belong to the sector of contact announcements on the internet and have the utmost secured data conservation systems.  The User can contact these companies at any time in case of any specific questions about their payment.  

For information on the procedures related to the cancellation of memberships and/or your personal User account, please contact Singleslovers Support Service directly, since only customer support can give you detailed information about your user account and/or your payments together in one place.  

The User must bear in mind that if someone/he tries to collect information about a payment and can NOT give pertinent and necessary details to identify you as the User who has paid, no information can nor will be given in this regard. Therefore it is recommended that you always save your detailed payment confirmations.

The valid cancellation and contract conditions are those stipulated in these Terms and Conditions. The payment management companies (Payment providers) manage and administer the security of your payments and your transactions data and they NEVER have access of any kind to their clients User accounts or their data or activities as a member of Singleslovers.

The current information on the payment agencies (Payment providers) related to the respective countries where payments are made and for the specific payments made, will always be found on the corresponding payment page within the website and will be sent to you by email after each transaction.

9. Default Policy

Singleslovers take particularly strict measures in order to combat internet fraud.  All data referring to card payments (including the IP address of the computer from which the payment was made) will be stored in an encrypted file and in case of returns or warrants for a specific payment; all information and necessary details concerning the payment will then be collected.   

That encrypted and secured information will then be transmitted to the collection agencies in charge of processing defaults or fraud. All necessary measures will be taken and defaults will be pursued with all available force by the current laws. In this matter, any chargeback made without just cause will be pursued by our legal team in your own country. On the other hand, do not accept to send money to another user to avoid fraud.

10. Privacy Policy and Data Protection

Singleslovers has taken particularly strict measures with regard to the protection of their client’s user data.  Singleslovers take these strict measures in order to respect the general data and privacy regulations and especially to strictly comply with the international laws of data protection regulations.

All Users will constantly have access to their personal data in order to modify them. Likewise, if a User decides to cancel their account, they may use their right to cancel their stored personal data at any time. For this you can use the contact form or ask to delete your account directly from your profile.

However, the User must be aware that some personal information such as sexual preferences, ethnic origin, physical features, including photographs, name, email, are provided voluntarily on their part and under the User's own responsibility. By supplying said information, the User expressly consents that he admits to knowing what he is doing and assumes all responsibility for it.  At the same time he declares his manifest willingness to publish said information within the framework of the platform itself.

All users may request the free reception of information concerning the website as a newsletter and promotional offers to the email used for his registration, as well as he can request to cancel said reception.

11. User Information Collected by Singleslovers

In the case of payments made by credit cards or other means, the corresponding banking institution will keep all the data related to the payment and the cardholder.  Singleslovers will always save the IP address of the computer, time and place from which the payment has been made. These data will only be collected in the case of returns or chargeback as the recovery agency will need the corresponding information to claim the amounts owed.


In the case of User profiles, Singleslovers will save only the information necessary for the exchange of information and data between users, such as details about their physical appearance, email address, photographs, hobbies, etc.

In addition to this data, Singleslovers may request non-personal data such as the browser version used, the computer from which the User accesses Singleslovers, the type of operating system, etc. Said data does not represent a threat to the User's private life and is only needed to assure we provide the best possible service from a technical point of view.

12. Cookies

Singleslovers use cookies to store information that identifies the corresponding User while they are accessing the platform. The User must be aware that without the use of cookies, it is practically impossible or very cumbersome to navigate through various pages, since after any change, the User must manually re-register.  If you activate the use of cookies in your configuration (something that already comes as a standard configuration in every modern computer) the User will be able to navigate and click comfortably on all the pages, until he himself decides to disconnect his session or it expires due to excess time without activity.  We urgently recommend, if you do not have the use of cookies activated, that you do so to be able to enjoy any and all pages comfortably.

13. Who Can Access The Information Stored by Singleslovers?

All the data collected by Singleslovers is stored and encrypted in a highly secure environment. They are only accessed by Customer Support employees and only at the User's request when they are making a query about their data .

On the other hand, in case of litigation related to any payment or refund, Singleslovers will have the obligation to transmit all the necessary data for the recovery of the amount to the corresponding authorities and to the recovery agencies it deems necessary.  Only data related to the payment will be given to the recovery agency.

The data provided by Users or collected by Singleslovers will never be sold or changed. Nor will they be accessible to third parties except in the case of the above-mentioned exceptions.  The visibility of the User's profile data on the platform itself is only for other users, for which, the User has given his express consent confirming them by agreeing to the Terms and Conditions. Only the data expressly filled in for the public profile and public announcements issued by Users will be visible.

The User therefore expressly authorizes Singleslovers to reproduce and disseminate the content of his advertisement, and part of his public profile in any environment within the Singleslovers web platform, as well as through any other means related to Singleslovers.  This of course for the sole purpose of increasing the chances of achieving the purpose desired by the User (find a mate) and sends information from their profile to other profiles that may fit the search criterias of the User in question.


Furthermore, the User expressly authorizes Singleslovers to transmit the terms of this agreement, its benefits and the above discussed User’s rights to the new owners and potential successors of Singleslovers, if such a situation were to happen.

If the User does not agree with the foregoing, they can cancel their account at any time under the conditions explained in Point 5: "Deletion of User Account". 

14. Intellectual Property Rights

The brands, logos, graphics, photographs, animations, videos, texts and any other visual representation contained in Singleslovers are registered and exclusive intellectual property of Singleslovers and may not be reproduced, used or represented without the express authorization of Singleslovers and its associated companies.  Any violation of this rule will lead to all relevant legal actions.

The rights of use granted by Singleslovers to the User are limited to the access and use of said contents for private and personal purposes and only for the purposes defined by Singleslovers in Point 2.

The aforementioned rights are only valid during the time of adhesion to Singleslovers. Any other use by the User is strictly prohibited.

It is absolutely forbidden for the User to spread, modify, copy, reproduce, download, transmit, commercially exploit or expose in any way any section of the site or the technical codes that make up the Singleslovers pages.

15. Content Disseminated by the User

The User grants Singleslovers, during the time of his adhesion to the platform, either in the form of a paid subscription or in the free state, a temporary license to use the intellectual property rights over the information and content provided by the User, with the sole purpose of exposing them on the Singleslovers platform, or in some cases, its affiliate sites.

Said license includes the right to reproduce, modify, digitize and use the contents provided by the User for public use for advertising purposes, commercial or not, and/or the right to reproduce, modify, digitize and use the contents provided by the User in general on different communication media.  

These rights are granted and valid and not limited to any country in the world.

It is strictly forbidden for the User to copy, reproduce or use the content related to other Users.  As well it is forbidden to explicitly comment on the form of interaction or other details related to the other Users within the platform in any context whatsoever.


Any infringement of these rules will be considered as a serious infringement, as it is a violation of the rights of a third party and will be prosecuted with the full force of the law. 

16. Operating Singleslovers Platform and its Services

In order to use the Singleslovers Services, the User needs a properly configured computer with the necessary software. Javascript and the reception of cookies must be enabled.

Singleslovers does not guarantee that the User will be able use the platform correctly. The User himself is responsible for providing himself with the materials and technical equipment necessary for the full use of Internet programs, platforms and contents.

Singleslovers also informs the User that for obvious reasons related to the internet’s own and known characteristics and inconveniences, the User acknowledges and admits that Singleslovers will be unable to fully ensure the security, availability and integrity of data transmissions through the above mentioned internet.

Singleslovers also does not guarantee that the Services included in its website will be accessible if the User's internet service provider does not provide its services correctly.  If the User is unable to access the page for reasons derived from a technical failure of his internet service provider or derived from deficiencies in his computer equipment, Singleslovers is not responsible.

Under these circumstances, Singleslovers does not guarantee that the services offered on their website will function without any interruptions and/or errors.  

Singleslovers also reserves the right to interrupt the service in the event of maintenance actions, updates or improvements to the platform. Such actions are necessary to maintain the high level of services and operations of the page and cannot be avoided.  

Singleslovers will always try to inform its Users of such actions beforehand, if and when possible. 

17. Data and Information Provided by the Users

  • The User agrees to provide realistic information.

If the User decides to disclose data that could lead to their identification, the User exclusively assumes all responsibility for the risks that this entails.  The User himself will be the one who decides what data he discloses and the details that he reveals through Singleslovers, such as images, texts and other content.  

As a consequence of this, the User renounces to take directly or indirectly any legal action against Singleslovers, especially with regard to eventual violations of their private life, their privacy, their honor, their reputation or their image rights. By registering on the page, the User has given prior, free and express consent concerning the use of the information provided by the said User.


  • Singleslovers rejects all responsibility for the information provided by the Users.

Given the fact that it is impossible to determine the accuracy or inaccuracy of the information provided, Singleslovers is not responsible for the possible consequences of erroneous information, whether mistaken or intentionally provided by any User or visitor to the page, especially if said information violate the rights of another User, third parties or the User himself.

In particular, the User expressly agrees not to hold Singleslovers liable in the event of a possible legal condemnation due to a User's failure to comply with the obligations under current law or the Terms and Conditions set forth by Singleslovers.

Singleslovers Support Service includes among its functions, the obligation to always be improving the overall User satisfaction. In this sense, Users are allowed and encouraged to inform Singleslovers solely and exclusively through the website itself, of any anomalous behavior or any graphic material; if according to the opinion of the informant, it does not comply with the rules of expression or behavior published in Point 4 or anything that may infringe the rights of Singleslovers or any individual in general.

The User, however, acknowledges being aware that it is the responsibility of each individual to claim compliance with their own personal rights. Singleslovers does not undertake to act on behalf of any individual who has not informed himself of any alleged infringement or violation of his own rights, so Singleslovers will not accept claims on behalf of third parties for an alleged infringement or violation of the rights of a User or individual.

In addition, Singleslovers does not undertake at any time to verify the real identity of any specific User, especially because anonymity and discretion are essential points of Internet relationships but also because it does not have the necessary means or the legal rights to do so.

However, with the aim of improving the quality of the services offered, Singleslovers undertakes to try to verify, as far as possible, any claim received.  As a consequence of this, Users are informed that their behavior, their expressions, photographs, and their information provided may be a reason for notification to the Singleslovers Support Service and verification of the said claim by them.

In the event that the infringement is very evident, goes against the general rules of conduct and/or detects an infringement by the supposedly infringing User, Singleslovers reserves the right to terminate the membership and access of the User, even if no claim(s) have been made by the affected person himself. 

18. Links Inside the Singleslovers Platform

Sometimes, links will be visible on the website that may lead to external pages or other websites.

Singleslovers expressly reject any responsibility for said sites; their availability, content, veracity, services or other elements relative to said pages that will be considered external and unrelated to Singleslovers.  


Singleslovers recognizes that it cannot review or control the other sites and that despite having been able to verify the content at the time of including the link on the Singleslovers website, it is perfectly possible to change said content.  In this context Singleslovers acknowledges its inability to periodically control external and non-Singleslovers content.  We remind Users or visitors from Singleslovers who visit said external sites, that the Use of said sites is governed by their own rules of usage, which are not related to these Terms and Conditions referring to Singleslovers.  

Any claim related to such Sites should be directed directly to the webmaster or administrator of the site in question.  Singleslovers will not answer inquiries or emails that deal with such external sites and that are unrelated to Singleslovers.

Singleslovers declines any responsibility for possible criminal consequences if any User or visitor of Singleslovers ignores its recommendations and indications concerning external links or websites. 

19. Limitation of Liability

Singleslovers will be solely responsible with respect to any of its registered Users when said User presents irrefutable evidence implicating Singleslovers in an intentionally harmful act against the User in question.

In the event that the User has participated directly or indirectly in the production/creation of the damages that the said User claims to have suffered, Singleslovers will then never be held responsible for the said damages, under any circumstances.

In addition and in particular, if the User had breached, either totally or partially, any term of these Terms and Conditions, Singleslovers will not be responsible for any direct or indirect damage suffered by the User.

20. Possible Changes to the Web platform and/or the Terms and Conditions

Singleslovers reserves the right to modify these Terms and Conditions at the time it deems necessary.

Users will be informed immediately after their publication on the Singleslovers site. The modifications will be automatically valid for all Users after 21 days of their publication. For registered users, after their publication, these conditions will be valid with immediate effect, since the User will have accepted them when registering on the page.

Registered Users are informed that they are obliged to regularly consult the online version of the Terms and Conditions on the Singleslovers electronic platform.

21. Contract between the User and Singleslovers

These Terms and Conditions constitute a contract that regulates the relations between Singleslovers and the User.  For any relationship between the User and Singleslovers, only these Conditions are valid, any other previous provision is automatically annulled or its effect canceled.

These Terms of Use represent the totality of the rights and obligations of Singleslovers and the User respectively, with respect to the Use of the Singleslovers Web platform.

Singleslovers reiterates that any disagreement on the part of the User means that they must leave the Singleslovers website and request the cancellation of their User account.  If the User continues to use the web platform, even if they disagree with the rules expressed by Singleslovers through these Terms and Conditions, it means in legal terms that the User accepts said Terms and Conditions and agrees with them.

Legal Warning

Safe procedures are established in contracting services and purchasing products online, as well as compliance with the promotional activity carried out and collaboration with the authorities and bodies belonging to the corresponding administrations of each country.

The use of the website attributes the condition of an active User and implies knowledge and acceptance of the Privacy Policy and Legal Notice.

The User must read them carefully each time he wishes to access the information contained in the website, since it may have undergone modifications.

For more information, please contact Singleslovers through the contact form or Support Service directly on the web platform.

Jurisdiction and Applicable Law

This contract shall be governed by Canadian law and any disputes will be decided only by the Canadian courts.

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