Aubrey and AdamLove Story

After being left in the altar by my ex fiancee, I started dedicated myself to a life-long bachelorhood. I am skeptical to go on any dates at all. One day I had a heart to heart conversation with my parents and they pleaded with me to try online dating instead. Then I said, why not? I signed up with SinglesLovers and sent a few messages. Within a few days, I was matched with Aubrey who is a ballerina. I found out that her ex boyfriend left her and got married to another girl. I find her very interesting, it's not everyday that you meet someone who is very passionate with arts and at the same time a dog lover. Did I mention that I have a dog named "Buddy" who kept me company all through the years?

Aubrey is also a volunteer who takes care of stray dogs and who organizes dog adoption. We decided to meet on one of their events, find a dog partner for Buddy and have a date after. Who would have thought that I will meet my future wife on the same day? She became my girlfriend on the same day that I signed the papers so I can officially take my new dog home. And 15 months later, we walked down the aisle and got married!

I am so thankful that I let go of my skepticism and I signed up in SinglesLovers. I am now a happy married man!

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