Nicholas and ManveerLove Story

I am an Indian girl and my parents were pretty strict when it comes to dating and marriage. As you know, our culture would prefer an arranged marriage over a love marriage. But living in the USA for 15 years made me change my marriage views, who wouldn’t want to have a fairytale like love story and wedding right? I was not that interested in dating Indian guys, but white guys would try hitting on me by telling me how much they love Indian food and that's it, and I feel that they are not sincere at all.

Then I saw Nicholas profile in, he initially sent me a message with a heart emoji and we took it slowly. The courtship was pretty short and sweet. When things started to get serious, we would go on video calls and one night before I went to sleep I received a teddy bear gift from him in with a message asking me to his girlfriend! Then we finally met, it felt so easy and great and I can feel the vibe and connection. After 6 weeks of dating, he and his parents came over to our place to meet each other. I admire him a lot for respecting my culture and that is one big check mark why my parents loved him too. After 6 months, we got married in an Indian Sikh temple and we also had a Christian wedding rites. I love how the website made a big part of my life, can’ thank you enough!

They Found True Love