Patricia and TroyLove Story

After my painful divorce, I signed up to a lot of dating websites, and dated over 60 men in just over three years (some good, some bad, some really bad). I had set my age range from 30 to 35 the entire time. One night, I saw and just signed up, this time I did not set an age range, I just entertained whoever sent me a message. I had a great time! In fact, this was the first dating site that I joined where there were lots of good men who respect women.

Then there is this guy named Troy whom I am constantly chatting with, we went on daily video calls and we finally agreed to go on a date. He was kind and romantic and we clicked instantly, which is a good thing too since his 36th birthday was just a couple of days away - our timing was perfect. We got married after a year and we are expecting twins this summer! Thank you so much for making my second chance of happiness become a reality!

They Found True Love